Cleaner Water in your Restaurant

Whether you own a restaurant or run a catering business, quality water is the foundation of quality food preparation. From the water you put into your food and serve to your guests to the water you use to scrub the counters and floors, you need clean, great-tasting water no matter the use. Aqua Pure solutions in Nashville, Tennessee offers a range of water purification systems, including water softeners and reverse osmosis systems, to meet the need of your business. As you take pride in the food you serve, we take pride in the water our products deliver.


  • Better tasting water for your guests. Never serve a bad glass of water again.
  • Cleaner dishes and glasses. Consistent clean dinnerware and glassware with less water spots.
  • Powerful flow rate. Don’t sacrifice water flow with other systems. Our kinetico system will maintain consistent water pressure.
  • Extend the life of your equipment. Our water will help decrease buildup and contaminants to your equipment.

Chef Steve Schimoler-Kinetico Testimonial