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What’s the Difference Between Water Filters, Water Softeners, and Water Purifiers?

What’s the Difference Between Water Filters, Water Softeners, and Water Purifiers?

As you search for new ways to improve the quality of the water coming into your home, you’ll realize that there are many solutions to the problems you’re facing.

It’s important to understand the difference between water filters, water softeners, and water purifiers. With this information, it’s easier to decide which one(s) is best for your home.

Let’s examine the finer details associated with each product:

1. Water Filter

As the name suggests, a water filter helps reduce or remove impurities from your water. This is including but not limited to chlorine, mercury, lead, copper, chromium, and iron.

Also, water filters are designed to inhibit the growth of algae, fungi, and bacteria. While a water filter is not a stand-alone solution for eliminating algae, fungi, and bacteria, when combined with a water purifier it is quite effective.

2. Water Purifier

A water purification system is designed to free your water from viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

However, with a water purifier alone, you’re not getting the same level of protection as if you also had a water filter in place. This protection is why many homeowners opt to install both a water purification and water filtration system.

3. Water Softener

A water softener is unlike a water filter and purifier, as these systems are designed to remove scale from building up in your appliances and pipes.

As the name suggests, if you have hard water coming into your home you can change this through the installation of a water softener.

There are many benefits of removing scale from your water, ranging from cleaner glassware and clothes to more effective and efficient bathing.

Which Option is Best?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as every homeowner is facing a unique situation.

We highly recommend that you install all three systems in your home. By doing this you will be covering all your bases. With the help of Aqua Pure Solutions, you can confidently improve the quality of your water.