The great thing about Aqua Pure is that when you buy any of our products, you’re buying into a future of quality and clean water. Our Nashville area water softeners, filters, and purifier systems ensure you never have to turn on the faucet and get anything less than pristine water in your glass or soft water to clean sheets. Our Kinetico water treatment products are some of the best and we take pride in that. All our products are also installed and inspected by our own team of water treatment specialists.

Nashville Office Address: 4235 Hillsboro Pk, ste 435, Nashville 37215

Phone: 615-560-9668

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Whether your Nashville area home or business needs a water softener, filter, or purifier system, we can find the right product to fit your budget and your specific needs. Our team of professionals will help you every step of the way, through your first phone call to every maintenance request.

We encourage our customers to reach out whenever they have questions. We are happy to provide a complimentary water test that can help to show you any issues with your current water system.


Aqua Pure has been providing residents and commercial businesses of Nashville with water softeners, filters, and purifier water treatments systems for years, and we know what it takes the get the job done right. Don’t settle for bad smelling water or left-over residue on your dishware. Aqua Pure Solutions is your Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer, and we can help you start the process of getting cleaner and better tasting water into your home or business.

The process starts with a free water analysis and ends with cleaner water. From the very first phone call to the day of installation, we are by your side. We promise to raise your water to Kineticos high standard, because you deserve better than the low standards of municipal water. Our Nashville area water softeners, filters, and purifier systems are tailored to your specific needs. Whatever you and your water need, Aqua Pure will work hard to make sure you get it.


As a leading provider of Kinetico products, we don’t believe you’ll find much that matches the performance of our Nashville water softeners, filters, and purifier systems. We keep your concerns and needs in mind while delivering quality systems that provide you with cleaner water.


Aqua Pure doesn’t use electricity to run any systems. We can provide you with water treatment systems that are powered purely by moving water. Contact us today to see what makes Aqua Pure a step ahead.


When it comes to the dependability of our team, Aqua Pure believes in helping people. Our team members are always happy to answer questions, and with the help of our Kinetico water treatment products, we can get you water that is pure and clean.


Depending on your budget and your individual needs, Aqua Pure in Nashville can provide recommendations for water softeners, filters, and purifier systems to meet your needs. Our experience in this industry allows us to confidently outfit your home or business with the right system to ensure you have quality water.

Let Aqua Pure take control of your water issues and give you something that you and yours can enjoy. You deserve clean water, and we can help.