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Kinetico Water Treatment Systems in Franklin 

Fresh, clean, and quality water is not as far away as you think. Talk to the water treatment specialists in Franklin today.

Water treatment systems—the unsung heroes of modern living—are pivotal in maintaining the vitality and productivity of homes and businesses. We proudly install Kinetico water treatment systems in Franklin because we believe that having the right system is an investment in health, convenience, and sustainability. If you’re a resident, property manager, or business owner seeking top-notch water solutions, we’re ready to deliver.

From purifiers to softeners, our assortment of equipment will give you peace of mind anytime you reach for the tap. These tools ensure you have water to drink, wash dishes effectively, wash your hands, do laundry, take showers, and more. Water is a part of all our lives in many ways, so you deserve to have convenient access. Our residential water treatment systems will purify any source in your home.

Access to clean, safe water is fundamental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home. Kinetico systems ensure that your home’s water fixtures are fountains of safe hydration that pave the way for healthier living among Franklin’s families.

Our commercial water treatment systems ensure businesses can enjoy the same level of water cleanliness and purity during working hours. Like homes, businesses have many sources of water that require a strong treatment solution—showers, sinks, water fountains, and dishwashers are among the various areas around a commercial building that require treatment.

Aqua Pure Solutions in Franklin offers water softeners, filters, and purifier systems so you can have the best water to pull from the tap or to use when you wash your clothes. With our superior water treatment products from Kinetico, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting top of the line systems. We also have a team of water treatment specialists to install and inspect all the products we have to offer.

Consumer Affairs
Water Quality: Tested and Certified, Under Industry Standards

A business that values and invests in the welfare of its patrons by providing clean water experiences can carve a niche for itself in the market. Having clean amenities is about more than just doing business; it helps you build a brand that is trustworthy and credible.

We service both residential and commercial customers, so if your Franklin home or business needs a quality water softener, filter, or purifier system, we have you covered! Our staff is very knowledgeable and will be with you through every step of the installation and maintenance process.

We offer free water tests to show potential customers issues with their current water systems, and we always encourage our customers to come to us with any questions they may have regarding our services. Contact Aqua Pure Solutions if you’re ready to install a high-quality Kinetico water treatment system in Franklin for your property. After conducting a free water test, our team will help you decide on the right system for your needs and prepare a seamless installation.

Water Filtration & Water Softener Systems Residential & Commercial

Kinetico products make your water work harder and smarter, so you don’t have to.

Softer Water Means Beautiful Results You Can See & Feel

Learn 3 ways purified water benefits your grooming routine.

Restaurant Water Purification Makes Food Just Taste Better

Find out how better water is good for your customers and your business.

Local Knowledge and Experience

As a Franklin area water softener, filter, and purifier system provider, we have been working with residents and commercial businesses for years. Aqua Pure, an Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer, has a team of water treatment system specialists that know what is best when it comes to providing you with clean water. You shouldn’t have to settle for water that smells bad or dishes that just won’t get clean. Allow Aqua Pure to help you find the solution!

Our process begins with a water analysis to determine the issues with your current water treatment system and ends with pristine water flowing from the tap. Aqua Pure is with you every step of the way to ensure your water is up to Kinetico standards because you, and those you love, deserve more than the standards that are set by municipal water. Whatever you and your water need, our Franklin water softeners, filters, and purifier systems can deliver.

Unmatched Performance

We are a provider of Kinetico products, and we truly believe our products are the best. We always keep your concerns in mind when selecting a system for you. Our goals are the same – to get you clean water.


What makes Aqua Pure unique is that we don’t rely on electricity to run our water treatment systems. We use moving water to power our systems and that puts us ahead of any of our competitors.


We are a company that is committed to helping people. We are dependable and reliable when it comes to making sure we provide you with Kinetico products that get you the clean water you deserve.

Tailored to You

Not everyone is the same, and not everyone wants the same things. Aqua Pure, a Franklin provider of water softeners, filters, and purifier systems from Kinetico, will work with you to find the best water treatment product to fit your budget and your individual needs.

We offer free water tests to show potential customers issues with their current water systems, and we always encourage our customers to come to us with any questions they may have regarding our services. Contact us today to get started!