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Kinetico Water Treatment Systems

With the most capable water filters, softeners, and drinking systems on the market, Kinetico offers Clarksville a cost efficient and effective water purification option.

Working hard to purify your water, Kinetico systems have been engineered to correct the quality of your water constantly. Our team of experts will help you choose and install the right solution for you.

Consumer Affairs
Water Quality: Tested and Certified, Under Industry Standards

Our assortment of purifier water systems, water softeners, and whole house filter systems available in Clarksville, guarantees that we have a solution for your water needs. We have been able to help many customers who would confirm that we help you through the entire process.

To get a thorough report of your home or business water system, contact us and we will send out an expert to perform your free water test. Contact us today to set up your free test!

Water Filtration & Water Softener Systems Residential & Commercial

Kinetico products make your water work harder and smarter, so you don’t have to.

Softer Water Means Beautiful Results You Can See & Feel

Learn 3 ways purified water benefits your grooming routine.

Restaurant Water Purification Makes Food Just Taste Better

Find out how better water is good for your customers and your business.

Local Knowledge and Experience

Clarksville residences and local businesses have trusted Aqua Pure Solutions to implement exceptional water treatment solutions for years. Are you experiencing bad tasting water, scum build up on your appliances, or odors coming from your water? As Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealers we can walk you through the process of purifying your water with a softener system, water filter, or purifier.

Begin your water purification process with a free water analysis. We will help you through the entire process of achieving the cleanest possible water. We believe the municipal water standards are too low and try to raise them to Kinetico high standards. We have tailored our water softeners, filtration, and purification treatment in the Clarksville area to fulfill those high standards. Whatever your water needs to become the best possible water, Aqua Pure is happy to help!

Unmatched Performance

Kinetico products have incomparable performance, which is why we believe you will not find a better product. Aqua Pure understands that all your water needs are important and provides the best performing devices to get the job done. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


The only company in Clarksville that can provide innovative systems powered by moving water, Aqua Pure has eliminated the need for electricity to run our systems. Call us to discover why our systems outperform the norm.


One of the most important things to us is the dependability of our team and of our water treatments. Our Clarksville team will be happy to answer any of your questions and supply you with the reassurance that we are water professionals. Get clean and delicious water with the help of our Kinetico products.

Tailored to You

Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect Kinetico water system for you. We will provide recommendations for a system that will meet all your needs. With years of experience treating the Clarksville community, including some of the worst water cases in the area, we have a filter, purifier, or softener system that can fulfill your water needs. Budget is important, and our team understands that, our Kinetico system suggestions will fulfill all your needs, while staying within your budget!

Get the best possible water for your home or business today by contacting one of our team members.