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Kinetico Water Treatment Systems

Kinetico has engineered the best water softeners, filters, and drinking systems available on the Mt. Juliet market.

Efficient and effective Kinetico systems purify everything out of your water, without a high price tag. Our team of experts are there to help you choose and install the best system with educated recommendation and excellent customer support.

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Water Quality: Tested and Certified, Under Industry Standards

Rest assured knowing that we carry a variety of whole house filters and systems, water softeners, and purifier water systems that can fit any need or budget. We have many Mt. Juliet customers who would confirm that we are there every step of the way to help.

Receive your free water test and get a thorough report showing you any issues your water system may have. Contact us today for more information and to set your free test up.

Water Filtration & Water Softener Systems Residential & Commercial

Kinetico products make your water work harder and smarter, so you don’t have to.

Softer Water Means Beautiful Results You Can See & Feel

Learn 3 ways purified water benefits your grooming routine.

Restaurant Water Purification Makes Food Just Taste Better

Find out how better water is good for your customers and your business.

Local Knowledge and Experience

Trusted for years by residents and commercial businesses, Aqua Pure Solutions offers experience and knowledge to handle any water purification need. Don’t tolerate mediocre tasting water, scum build up on your appliances, and horrendous odors from your water. As an Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer we would be happy to speak with you and can walk you through the process of purifying your water in Mt. Juliet with a purifier, softener system, or water filter.

A free water analysis is the first step of the process. Our water experts will stay with you through the entire process, until your water is as clean as possible. We believe that municipal water standards are too low and therefore use the standards set by Kinetico. These high standards have helped us modify our filtration, water softeners, and purification treatment systems in Mt. Juliet to satisfy your water needs. Aqua Pure is glad to assist you with whatever is needed to make your water the best.

Unmatched Performance

You will not be able to find a product that performs as effectively and efficiently as a Kinetico product. With all your needs in mind, Aqua Pure provides first-rate devices to fulfill the job. We strive for your satisfaction, so call us today.


Aqua Pure can provide a one-of-a-kind system that is powered by moving water, making it the only company in Mt. Juliet with this option. Electricity is not used to power our systems. Call us today and discover why our systems are exceptional.


We pride ourselves on our team and our water treatment dependability. Our team is available to answer any of your questions and to support the idea that we are water pros. We can help you, with the help of Kinetico products, to have clean, delicious water.

Tailored to You

Our team will give you individualized recommendation of a Kinetico water system that can meet any and all your water needs. With years of experience treating the worst water in Mt. Juliet area with our purifiers, water filters, and softener systems, we can find a solution that fits your needs. We also understand the importance of sticking to a budget and always keep that in mind when making our suggestions, so that you can get a solution that solves your water problems while keeping to your budget.

Let one of our team members help you decide what is best for your home or business to get water you deserve.