HYDRUS Series Water Filtration Systems

hs336 nobrine mr

Out of all Commercial water filtration systems, the Hydrus Series water filtration systems are the most powerful and versatile. Several Hydrus Series filters can be combined in one system to meet demand and treatment requirements, and the whole system can be managed by one Hydrus Smart Start controller.

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HYDRUS Series Water Filtration Systems Highlights

Durable and Reliable



Non-Electric Valve

Hydraulic operation eliminates the need for motors which maximizes longevity.


Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks

Long lasting. Can endure harsh environments.

Customized Efficient Operation



Advanced Operator Interface

A single controller operates the whole system, making it easy to set up and understand. It minimizes system cost while maintaining complete operating versatility.


Single or Multi-Tank System

Configurable design options: Single Tank system is most economical and space efficient, and Multi-Tank system offers flexibility for demanding commercial applications.

Filtration Options



Carbon Filtration

Assures consistent and continuous clean, soft water. Protects plumbing and equipment.


Calcite Filtration

The media neutralizes the pH of water.



Filtration media removes particles as small as five microns, including sediment, iron, manganese, and other such contaminants.