Commercial Water Softeners

HYDRUS series softener
Whether hard water is messing up the smallest process or your largest continuous flow, Kinetico’s commercial water softener systems in Nashville and Franklin are capable of handling the problems of your commercial business.

Our systems are operated on water demand instead of electric, but this does not mean that they are anything less than the best. They work to lower your maintenance costs, and also conserve water.

Provide your clients with soft clean water with our Nashville and Franklin commercial water softener system. Gone will be the days of having to use hard chemicals and other avenues to keep your items clean. Maintenance and replacement costs will lower, and you will not have to find a solution for malfunctioning fixtures that use water.

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HYDRUS® Series

A Powerful Softener with a Powerful Controller.


CP Series

Kinetico CP Series commercial water softener systems in Nashville and Franklin can handle anything your commercial boiler, water heater, car wash, or reverse osmosis system can throw at it. They are not only extremely reliable, but they are efficient and fast so that there is no downtime.



CC Series

Kinetico’s CC Series water softeners are designed to fit into your kitchen. Typically used to feed soft water to a particular commercial equipment or application, this series provides continuous soft water without sacrificing space. CC Series softeners can be installed on a hot water line up to 150°F (65.6°C).