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Perfluorobutane sulfonamide (FBSA) and fluorinated sulfonamide alcohol (FBSEE) relased into water by 3M in Tennessee River

Toxic Chemicals Released into Tennessee River by 3M Plant

As discussed in our recent post  on water contamination in Middle Tennessee, staying aware of local water quality is of the utmost importance.

Recently, 3M Corporation admitted that one of its plants located in Decatur, Alabama has been releasing toxic chemicals into the Tennessee River for the last decade.

The plant was authorized to manufacture the chemicals, perfluorobutane sulfonamide (FBSA) and fluorinated sulfonamide alcohol (FBSEE), but the release of the chemicals into public water supplies was prohibited by a 2009 update to the federal Toxic Substances Control Act.

3M water contamination in Middle Tennessee

Unfortunately, the plant admitted to non-compliance with the 2009 update in a letter sent to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in April 2019.

The update prohibited the chemicals’ release in any U.S. waters due to unresolved concerns surrounding the chemicals’ health and safety effects.

Furthermore, reports have shown that 3M had reported its illegal dumping to the state of Alabama as early as 2014, with no consequences.

The EPA is currently investigating the situation, and 3M has reported its manufacturing processes shut down until the issue is addressed.

While we’re grateful the issue has been brought to the attention of those who have the power to make necessary changes, it’s disheartening to think about the years of contamination and lack of concern surrounding it, until now.

Situations like this are yet another reminder of the importance of treating your water supply.

At AquaPure Solutions, we don’t take chances on the health and safety of our customers or their families. As we’ve learned, companies don’t always follow safety regulations, regardless of their importance, when it comes to our water supplies.

Our team provides free water analyses, and we can work with you to determine the purification processes necessary for your home or business’ water supply.

We don’t say this to incite fear, but rather to encourage Tennessee residents to confirm the health and safety of their water supplies. It’s easy to assume that the water flowing from your tap is pure and clean, but testing may reveal contaminants or simply a less than ideal quality.

Whether your water requires softening, the removal of common minerals, or more serious contaminants, AquaPure Solutions can do the job. Solutions are available and customizable to fit your budget.

Remember: clean, healthy water should not be viewed as a luxury. Our team is here to help.

Don’t simply assume your water is clean. Reach out to our team for a free water analysis today!

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