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Hard Water in Nashville, TN

Is Hard Water Typical for Nashville?

Hard Water in Nashville, TNHard water is any water with high mineral content. Your home or business may be affected by hard water because Middle Tennessee’s soils contain large amounts of limestone. This is one of the main culprits of hard water. 

Effects of hard water

Hard water can have some noticeable effects around the home. It can cause deposits in pipes that lead to clogs. These clogs can affect the plumbing and appliances in your home. If you are often using machinery in your home or business that requires water, hard water has been found to corrode metal over time. Hard water is also a common cause of cloudy pools.

Hard water is completely safe to drink, but the mineral deposits found in hard water can lead to eczema as well as dry skin, hair, and nails. Even though your clothing will be clean with hard water, your clothing may not feel clean due to these mineral deposits.

Signs you have hard water in Nashville

  1. Soap scum on bathtub, curtain, and doors
  2. Mineral build-up around water fixtures
  3. Spots on dishes and flatware
  4. Water heater elements fail 
  5. Dry and itchy skin
  6. Clothings tends to wear out quickly
  7. Less water pressure over time from your shower head 
  8. Difficulty getting your soap to lather when washing

People often try to remedy these things with cleaning. But if you suffer from hard water, these issues will keep returning. 

Try an easy test to see if you have hard water

Use a clear container with a lid. Fill it halfway with water. Put about 10 drops of a simple liquid soap into the container. Castile soap works great for this. Put on the lid and shake the bottle for at least 10 seconds. 

If you have soft water, the top of the container will have bubbles  and the bottom will be clear. If you have hard water, you will not see many bubbles and the water will be cloudy. 

Hard water contains minerals that prevent soap from creating suds and cleaning effectively. The soap actually binds with the minerals in the water and just floats around in the water. This is why hard water users see so much more soap scum. 

Who should I call in Nashville if I have hard water?

If you feel like your home has hard water, please call AquaPure Solutions today. A Kinetico Water System could be just what you need to handle Nashville’s hard water problem.