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Lead water in drinking fountain

Do I Have Lead In My Drinking Water?

Lead water in drinking fountainLead is a metal that is considered toxic if it is ingested. It is especially toxic if it is ingested by children. Lead has been linked to learning disabilities and can damage the central and peripheral nervous system. Children who have ingested lead are often shorter, have damaged hearing and can have learning disabilities  Lead can affect nearly every organ in a young person’s body. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that water contain less than one part lead per billion. They believe that young brains are just too affected by lead to handle any more. 

Lead in schools

The legal limit in school for lead is much higher. According to Tennessee law, water can contain up to 20 parts per billion in schools. That is twenty times higher than what the AAP recommends for children. A report found that over 22 school systems in Tennessee have lead in their water in some way. Your child isn’t just ingesting lead in the drinking fountains. They can also be ingesting it through cafeteria fixtures or even locker room showers.

But where is all of this lead coming from? Lead in water often comes from corroded fixtures that have worn down over time. So the law requires a school to test for lead if the building was built after 1998. These buildings must be tested every two years to detect for corrosion as well as the risk for future corrosion. 

How common is lead in the drinking water?

If lead is detected in your child’s school, chances are it can be found in your home’s water as well. Older homes will be especially susceptible to lead contamination. It is really important if you are unsure about lead content to get your home’s water tested. It is advisable to keep children and pregnant women away from this water source. 

Can water filtration help?

Yes! There are many water filtration devices on the market that can protect against lead contamination. Water filtration is really one of the best remedies because lead cannot be boiled out of water like other contaminants. 

Kinetico water filters have models that can remove 99% of lead from water. If you call Aqua Pure Solutions today, we can evaluate your need for water filtration. We would be happy to help you select the best water filtration system to fit your home’s needs. Your family is exposed to water constantly in your home. Make sure it’s safe.