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What are the common contaminants in Nashville water?

Some of the common pollutants that have been found in Nashville water are lead, chromium 6, and disinfection byproducts. These pollutants have been linked to many health concerns. Call Aqua Pure Solutions today to get your free water analysis. This information is invaluable for the health of you and your loved ones. Water is especially vulnerable to pollutants because it is a universal solvent. So it is especially easy for these contaminants to get into water sources in Tennessee.

Chromium 6

Chromium 6 often occurs in Nashville drinking water. It comes from topsoil, rocks, combustion, stainless steel, steel production, and industrial plants. It can cause many health effects. Chromium 6 exposure has been linked to many lung problems. This includes: asthma, bronchitis, nasal polyps, and even lung cancer. Additionally, it has been linked to dermatitis, skin ulceration, and kidney damage. It’s important to know what exactly is in your water, so call Aqua Pure Solutions to get your free water analysis completed. 

Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)

Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs for short) are often found in Middle Tennessee drinking water. DBPs come from chlorine in water that is often used for solvents. If pregnant, DBPs have been linked to low birth weight. This can cause all sorts of problems for the baby when he/she is born. A common problem linked to low birth weight is respiratory problems.  Later in life children with low birth weight have had a link to diabetes, high blood pressure, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. For adults that are exposed to DBPs the concerns include cancer (especially bladder cancer), anemia, reproductive effects, liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems. Do not put your loved ones at risk for these issues.


Lead contamination happens when older plumbing materials leach into the water supply. It can also come from exposure to lead paint. Our water is very vulnerable because Nashville has a lot of old infrastructure. Lead exposure is especially harmful to children and pregnant women. That is because it has been linked to developmental problems such as behavioral problems, ADD/ADHD, cognitive impairment, and developmental delays. Lead exposure can also cause low sperm count, anemia, cataracts, renal disease, coronary artery disease, gout, high blood pressure, hearing loss, and seizures. If you live in Middle Tennessee be sure your home is not being exposed to lead through your water source.


Call Aqua Pure Solutions today to get your water tested. We service Nashville, Williamson County, and all of Middle Tennessee. We also specialize water filtration systems that can protect your family from the pollutants above and so many others. Many of our systems can be customized to fit your specific water’s needs.