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Kinetico offers water filters for your entire house.  Our Franklin and Nashville area dechlorinators, RO filters, and saltless softeners guard against that cloudy water that includes iron, chlorine, and other elements.

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Chlorine can cause dry hair or skin, and it can also disintegrate rubber seals on appliances and other fixtures around your house. Dechlorination, the work of activated carbon absorption, can help you remove the funny tastes and odors which are the result of chlorinated water. We can provide you with a water dechlorinator system in Nashville and Franklin that will upgrade pretty much any softener.


Kinetico 2060f

Maximum Flow of Clean, Filtered Water 24 Hours a Day, Every Day Simple, Reliable and Economical Operation Certified Performance Installation and Service by Trained Water Treatment Professionals.


Kinetico 2100f

The Kinetico 2100f provides a maximum flow of clean water to your taps all day. Water is filtered 24 hours a day making it even more easy for you to have clean drinking water in your home. Call today to have this reliable and budget friendly product installed today by our trained water treatment professionals in Franklin and Nashville.


Kinetico 4060f

This filter and dechlorinator offers maximum flow of filtered, dechlorinated water 24 hours a day. The Kinetico 4060f is simple, reliable and budget friendly. Have our trained water treatment professionals come out and install this water treatment product today in Franklin and Nashville.


Sulfur Guard

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System is unique in the fact that it works simply and accurately to get rid of the bad taste and odor of your water. It does not use unnecessary, expensive, high-maintenance equipment to do the job. Say goodbye to hydrogen sulfide problems with one single unit.


Kinetico Neutralizer

The Kinetico Neutralizer is non-electric and compatible with other Kinetico equipment making it a must have for your home. The Kinetico Neutralizer will ensure that your water’s pH is maintained and controlled, getting rid of any bad tastes or odd odors.

  • Non–Electric
  • Upflow Water Operation
  • Effective pH Control
  • Compatible with Other Kinetico Equipment


Sterilight Silver Ultraviolet Water Purification System

The Sterilight Silver Ultraviolet Water Purification system eliminates bacteria and any unknown viruses in your home’s water. This water treatment product ensures that all harmful bacteria stays out of your home’s drinking water.


TX Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Membrane System

With the TX Membrane RO filter system, that uses an advanced salt-free system, you will kick the conventional salt-filled systems to the curb. The non-electric TX can take on even the toughest iron, odor, impurities, and chlorine. It will trap the impurities in the semipermeable membrane filter traps and send it to a disinfection generator, then into a large tank with carbon filters, producing the best, thirst-quenching water around.


Kinetico SRS Scale Reducing System

The Kinetico SRS Scale Reducing System protects and improves energy efficiency of all your hot water-using appliances and fixtures from damaging scale build-up. No electricity, chemicals or salt is needed for this compact water treatment product. Call today to speak with a trained water treatment professional about the simple and reliable Kinetico SRS Scale Reducing System.