Ah, hydration. It’s a basic fundamental of life, and it should be pretty easy to maintain and stay hydrated. For many of us, however, drinking that daily 64 ounces is something that just doesn’t get done. 

In the hot summer months, we’re often spurred to drink water because of the heat or our increased activity levels. We’re running outside, hitting the beach, or walking around town, and the heat can get to us fast. Activity demands hydration.

But when the weather cools down and the leaves start falling, we yearn for warmth and frankly, stillness. We curl up on the couch with a mug of cocoa, rather than heading out for a walk with a water bottle. 

Still, hydration is important, no matter the season. Here are four simple ways to up your water intake during the colder months. 


1. Drink it hot

We know, we know. On a crisp fall morning, the last thing you want to drink is a cold glass of water. 

Try heating up a mug of water and adding a slice of lemon. This is a warm, soothing way to enjoy part of your daily intake, and lemon is known for its detoxifying properties. 

Drink it first thing in the morning to start your day off right. 


2. Think of it as an accessory beverage

Not willing to give up your black coffee, hot tea, or pumpkin spice latte? Fair enough. 

Next time, try pouring a glass of water to go along with each of these beverages. You’re already going to the effort of making (or ordering) one beverage, why not make it two? 

Most coffee shops and restaurants will give you a glass of water free of charge, so make a habit of sipping water in addition to your latte. Coffee and most teas are chock full of caffeine, making them dehydrating. Drinking water alongside them helps cancel out the dehydration. 


3. Spruce it up with flavor

If you’re simply not willing to drink plain old H2O, try adding a flavor packet from popular brands like Crystal Light or MiO. These additives can make your daily 64 ounces more flavorful with just a simple shake or stir. 

Check out this article for a roundup of 2019’s best water flavorings. 


4. Keep your water CLEAN

Here at AquaPure Solutions we know drinking water is no fun when the H2O coming out of your tap isn’t tasty. One of the best ways to get yourself to drink more water is to make sure it’s healthy and delicious. 

If you have to go through one more step, like purchasing plastic water bottles or using a filtration pitcher, you’re less likely to achieve that daily intake. 

Plus, if you’re making any of those delicious fall beverages like hot chocolate, apple cider, or coffee at home, a clean water supply will make them that much better. 

You can schedule a free water analysis to find out if your home’s water supply is tainted with minerals or chemicals that make it unenjoyable (or even worse, unsafe) to drink. Read up on more common water problems here.

Then, our team can help craft a solution that works best for your water supply and your budget. 

You’ll be drinking more water in no time!


Reach out to our team at AquaPure Solutions for your free water analysis today.